How it works

New to Brody’s?


When you’re trying something new, we know it helps if you know what to expect. Especially when you’re the boss.


Come on in


You’ll be greeted as soon as you come in by a friendly front-of-house team member. They’ll take your order and ring up the total there and then. That’s right, no fussing around with bills when you’ve finished.


Not sure what you want? No problem. We’ve put up helpful displays that highlight our range of delicious choices. You can check these out when you arrive.


Sit down


Arrange yourselves along one of our long tables or slide into a booth. Wherever you sit, you won’t be far from your personal toaster: there for creating hot, crunchy slices, just the way you like them.


Stand up


The tempting aromas from the kitchen will soon have you heading for the buffet where an array of scrumptious breakfast choices awaits. Be sure to say hi to our friendly chefs while you’re there: good people to know if you like your eggs a certain way.


Don’t forget to grab your favourite preserves and spreads on your way past the dedicated shelf. Savoury or sweet, you’ll find all your favourites there.


Tuck in


Head back to your table, get that toast on the go and get stuck in. Remember, you can go back up as many times as you wish.


That’s it!


Consider yourself prepared for your first trip to Brody’s. We’re pretty sure it won’t be your last.




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