The story so far…

The first branch of Brody’s Breakfast Bistro opened in Torquay back in in June 2011. The response was better than we could have hoped for and before long, we had a loyal following of local residents.


Word started to spread and soon tourists were pouring through the doors, too. We’re pretty sure our reviews on TripAdvisor (link) had something to do with this.


With the buzz building, we decided it was time to expand the Brody’s family and offer the same fantastic experience in a new location.




In June 2013, the Exeter branch of Brody’s opened, to the delight of locals (especially the students).


News had started to spread from Torquay that Brody’s was something truly different -  something to be experienced.


So it wasn’t long before our new tables and benches were crammed with breakfast fanatics. As a result, the Exeter branch has been growing recently with more seating becoming available and even wider breakfast choices on offer.


We’ve been thrilled with the response in Exeter, which has helped prove that the Brody’s experience has the potential to go far. In fact, we have some big plans for the future.


But for now...


We’re ecstatic to have two busy bistros in the Brody’s family and we’re enjoying all the positive feedback and working hard to generate even more. Every member of the Brody’s team is committed to maintaining our high standards, keeping the buzz alive and building a prosperous future for the company.


So get in on the action now and visit Brody’s so you can say: “I was a fan when it all began!”.


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